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Gordon Brown

Kathleen Brown

About Get It Write!

Gordon and Kath have been married for 37 years and have three children and six grandchildren.

Taranaki has been their home for the last 35 years and there is nowhere else they want to live.

Avid readers, they have both been journalists for many years, Gordon as a writer and Kath as a sub-editor.

Gordon is a multi-award winning journalist with wide-ranging interests. From business to sport and most things in between, he keeps up with what is going on abroad and at home.

When not working, Gordon and Kath enjoy lawn bowls, Gordon rather less competitively than Kath, who has been a Taranaki representative for the last five years.

Kath also plays golf, not at  the same level as her bowls, but well enough not to make a fool of herself.

A cryptic crossword and sudoku are the ideal way for her to start the day.

Both enjoy travelling and with family in Australia they cross the Tasman every year (it's cheaper than paying for the kids to come home).